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    With local red shrimp and flower shrimp as raw materials, dried, sorted, frozen and dried, dried shrimp, frozen shrimp, shrimp powder, shrimp and other products are made, which are sold overseas and highly recognized by customers.
    To ensure the fresh raw materials, different products are processed by different processes,
    but they also have safe and assured quality, which ensures the taste and original color.

    Dandong Yuanyi seafood Precision Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. The company has been developing steadily with the business philosophy of "keeping faith, improving and paying attention to conscience". Up to now, it has two wholly-owned subsidiary factories, one product exhibition shop, one ocean squid fishing boat and several cooperative supporting factories. It has initially formed a collection of fishing, R & D, production, online and offline sales, domestic and foreign trade and comprehensive management Industrial chain prototype of joint development and utilization.

    Talent recruitment
    Yuanyi marine products recruits the following positions from the whole society
    Click to view the qualification

    Business marketing     |    Production management personnel   |    Product development    |    Quality management    |    mechanic    |    Cold store keeper    |    Production Operator

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